Junior Umpire Program

What is a "Junior Umpire"?
A “Junior Umpire” is a teen or preteen who has taken the official USA Softball Umpire all-day training and is registered and insured to umpire girls softball games behind the plate or on the bases. In Spring 2024, Junior Umpires will umpire all or most of our 8U, 7U, and 6U games, while adult umpires will call the games in 10U, 12U, and 14U.
Why have a Junior Umpire Program?

There are many reasons, including getting ahead of the shortage of adult umpires, reinvesting registration fees back into our local community, empowering local youth with all sorts of life lessons, maturity, and confidence, and finally inspiring younger players by showing them that young girls and boys can be in charge of their games.

Are we the only league doing this?

No, far from it. Santa Monica Girls Softball has run their Junior Umpire program for many years. They have developed enough talented Junior Umpires to run their entire program using them, and they send their Juniors to all sorts of tournaments and competitions. Redondo Sunset has just started their program and many other local leagues up and down Southern California are embracing Junior Umpires.

What training does a Junior Umpire receive?

The same training that the adult umpires do! USA Softball puts on all-day trainings every winter, and the Juniors must complete that training in order to be eligible to umpire 8U, 7U, and 6U games during our Spring season.

Do the Juniors receive any on-field training?

Yes! During the summer and fall, returning Juniors and interested youths attend smaller trainings and umpire our instructional Summer and Fall Ball games under the supervision of Adult Mentors. This means that Summer and Fall Ball are instructional not just for our players, but for our Junior Umpires, too!

Do the Junior Umpires get paid?

Of course! The Juniors are paid at least $25 per game, and they receive other perks like free food at the snack bar and complementary Junior Umpire swag.

What if my child wants to become a Junior Umpire or if I want to become a Mentor?


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